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Tips / Suggestions for Weight Loss Success(no particular order)

  1. ARE YOU TRULY READY TO LOSE WEIGHT? Do you feel it in your bones? Do you feel the pain of being fat and what it means to you, your health? Then write those feelings down. Write down everything you can think of that being fat means. Write down what you would rather have. Write down your hopes, dreams, and wishes regarding your weight. Write down how determined you are to lose the weight this time. Now take that letter / list / journal, how ever you decided to write it and put it away. Don't hide it from yourself, just sit it aside for now. On days that you are having a hard time sticking to your new life style, get it out. Read it. Feel the pain. Remember what it is that you are doing. Then get back on that horse and do it. Start losing weight again. You can do it. I have no doubt.

  2. Get 'trigger' foods out of the house. I don't care if it is only a 1 point item. If it will set you off, get rid of it. We of course have to exercise some self control to change ourselves, but make it as easy as yourself as you can.

  3. Drink at least 6 glasses of decaffinated diet drinks. Preferrably water, and 8 or more glasses.

  4. Get up and move around. Even if you don't "exercise" per se. I have walked around department stores and grocery stores for most of my weight loss. I've just recently started to try to get more. Katerina walks 2-3 hours 5-6 days a week.

  5. Keep track of everything you eat. Even if you don't "journal", you really need to keep track of every bite you take. It all counts. For most people, I think they need to journal to truly keep up. I have to admit that I do not journal. However, I do keep track. I keep my current count in my head while at work or out in public. When I get home, I have a digital oven timer that I keep on the refrigerator. I click it up to my current points.

  6. Regarding keeping track: Don't try to squeeze every calorie out of every point. Count things by the serving. Any time I grab something to eat, I punch in the points right then(or add them up in my head right away). For instance: When I am getting a little hungry, but don't want to eat a meal yet. I might grab 1/2 a bologna sandwich. 1/2 a bologna sandwich he says! What kind of diet is that?? Well, I use Earth Grains 35 Reduced Calorie Wheat Bread(35 cal/.5 fat/3 fiber in 1 slice) and Oscar Mayer Fat Free Bologna(25 cal/0 fat/0 fiber). So that is 60 calories / .5 fat / 3 fiber. It is barely a 1 point sandwich. It takes the edge off my hunger (ok, not by much, but it does help!) and I count it a 1 point. I round up my points. If I have a Blue Bunny fat free fudge popcicle, it is 35 calories. I count that as a 1 pointer. I don't have 2 of them and call it 1 point, even though you can fit 2 in for 1 point.

  7. Get to the grocery store and hunt for food that you will like that is low on points. I don't do this as much now as I did the first 6 months I was OP, but then again I have found a lot of what I like and have "settled in" to some extent. I have many low point things, not all of them necessarily "healthy", but things that will help keep me going. Things that are easy to fix that will keep me on my diet. I found (or heard about at a Weight Watchers meeting) some of the following that helped me(you'll notice a lot of "junk", but you know where to find the fruits and vegetables. We do eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables, by the way.

    1. Easy Beginnings Glazed Chicken Breasts-filet style with rib meat. They come in Teriyaki flavor(my favorite), Barbeque flavor(my second favorite), Grilled flavor, and Southwestern flavor. I believe all the flavors are 3 points, I know my two favorites are 3.(I found them at a Kroger grocery store)

    2. Simply Potatoes Mashed Potatoes. These are pre-made mashed potatoes. I don't have a container to look at right now, so I can't tell you the size, but it is a lot. The whole container is 8 points. Katerina and I split the container as part of our dinner, so 4 points for each of us.(I found them at a Walmart supercenter, in the meat department by the lunch meat of all places)

    3. Soup. There are many Healthy Choice soups that are 2-4 points for a can.

    4. Blue Bunny brand sugar free Sweet Freedom Fudge Lites. I always call them fudge popcicles, but whatever. 35 calories = 1 point.

    5. Blue Bunny again! This brand rocks. Health Smart Fudge & Vanilla Fudge Bar 6pk. Chocolate Fudge, Fudge and Vanilla Fat Free No Sugar Added. I don't remember the calories, but I think they are all high 1 pointers. They have other flavors too, like Raspberry and Vanilla, Orange and Vanilla, Orange, Lemon and Lime.

    6. Silhouette Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches. BEWARE, these are dangerous. I could eat these ALL DAY. 2 points.Click Here to find out if they are near you.

    7. *I have found another product, I think it is new. It is called PurelyIdaho Potatoes(that wasn't a typo on the PurelyIdaho, it was supposed to be together). They have several flavors, Roasted Onion, Cheddar, Parmesan, and a plain flavored one, don't remember if they just called it Potato, or what it was. They run 100-120 calories a serving with varying low amounts of fat and about 2 fiber. Basically it is pre-cut potatoes with spices. You spray them with non stick oil, use a non stick skillet and cook them to golden. They are yummy and easy. You could really do the same thing yourself, but this is easy, easy helps me stick to what I should be doing.

    8. For those of you that have a White Castles restaurant near you, their hamburgers are only 3 points. Their cheeseburgers are 4 points. The real winner at White Castles are the fries though. They are only 2 points a box! I LOVE these things. I go there and get like 1 hamburger and 2 or 3 orders of fries. Yeah, they have to ask me my order 2 or 3 times, cause they just don't believe I want that many fries, but hey, I can live with that! :)

    9. When I want pizza, Dominoes is good. The thin crust cheese or vegetable topping pizzas(large) are only 4 points a slice. That means the whole pizza is only 32 points. Split it with a friend or two and eat some salad, you get filled up and get your pizza.

    10. We like to go to Ryan's steakhouse. We get the buffet and fill up on salad. When we have had 1 or 2 BIG plates of salad, we go to the buffet and pick out something that we like too. We usually go on weigh-in day, right after weigh-in.

    11. Another great food item is Spaghetti Squash. I don't have the exact directions in front of me, I'll try to get it later. Basically you cut the squash in half, take out the seeds and put in on a cookie sheet. Cook it at 350? degrees till it gives when you touch it(don't burn yourself!). After it is cooked you run a fork across the insides and it comes out like spaghetti. No joke! It's pretty cool. If you cook it till tender and find yourself some good low fat spaghetti sauce(there are a lot of 1 point a serving sauces you can find) on it, it takes like you are eating spaghetti and is practically free on points. (spaghetti squash is 0 points)

    12. Another option for Spaghetti is something like DeBoles Whole Wheat Angel Hair pasta. It is 210 calories, 2 fat, 5 fiber(4 points a serving) for 2oz. It's really good stuff and is quite filling.

    13. Jennie-O Fat Free White Turkey Roast with Gravy in Roasting Pan- this is in the frozen meat section. I found it at Krogers. It's a Hormel foods item. The box is 32 oz. That is 20oz turkey and 12oz gravy. A serving is 4oz roast, 2Tbsp gravy for 100 calories, 0 fat, 0 fiber.--ONLY 2 points a serving!

    14. Kashi cereal. There are many different kinds. It is usually found in the health food section of the grocery store. Puffed Kashi, Seven Whole Grains & Sesame. 1 cup=70 cal, 0.5 fat, 2 fiber. That is only 1 point for a whole cup!

    15. Another Kasha is 'From Kashi' Seven Whole Grains & Sesame. 3/4 cup=90 cal, 1fat, 8 fiber. That is 1 point for 3/4 cup.

    16. Pirate's Booty. This is puffed rice and corn with aged white cheddar. It is quite good! It can be found at Trader Joes and I found mine at Meijers. 1oz=120 cal, 2.5 fat, 2 fiber. That works out to 2 points.

    17. more to come

  8. I would say the most important tip, and most obvious would be DON'T GIVE UP. Believe me, this isn't the first diet or "life style" change I have attempted. I know how easy it is to get discouraged and to give up. The first time you don't lose a lot of weight. The first time you don't lose any weight. The first time you actually gain weight. If you are honest with yourself and stick to it, then it will come off. Your body may fight you. It may try to hold onto the weight, but if you eat your points(assuming that you are on Weight Watchers) and do your exercise, then the weight will come off, eventually. Maybe not as fast as you like. But hey, any day that I lose weight is a great day, even if it is .1 pounds. Any day that you stay even is a good day. If you gain and don't give up, it's still a pretty good day. If you give up, you'll just be kicking yourself more, and there is no sense in that.

  9. **Not sure whether to put this in the numbered, or lettered section, but here it goes: SALAD DRESSING. There are a lot of lower calorie dressing out there. If you are going to eat salad, make sure you have one. What I like to do is use SALSA, or PICANTE, or even PICKLE RELISH. I think they are tasty, I love them on salads, and they are FREE! NO POINT SALAD DRESSINGS.

  10. still many more tips to add, I hope they help.

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