Banner for Dont Weight Around - Brian's and Katerina's weight loss support site. This couple has lost over 300 pounds on Weight Watchers Winning Points Plan.

This picture of Brian was taken Christmas Eve, 1999.
Brian; Christmas 1999; Probably very close to my heaviest ever.

This picture of Brian was taken June, 1981.
Brian; June 1981. I'm the tall one. I was 15 and I actually believed I was overweight, because I did not have "washboard" abs.

This picture of Brian was taken June, 1981.
Here is a picture from March 27, 2001 when we met Fergie. The picture is (from left to right) Our wonderful leader: Marsha (she lost 148 pounds), Sean (she is in our group too and has lost over 125 pounds - can't remember how much exactly), Katerina (she has lost 167.4 pounds), and Brian (he has lost 133.6 pounds)
by the way, those weight loss totals were different back in March, when the pictures were taken.

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