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Photo Albums

*NEW* Pictures of the night Brian proposed to Katerina - in a hot air balloon

Brian's newest Weight Loss comparison picture.* August 19, 2001

Brian's Weight Loss comparison picture. June 26

Miscellaneous Pictures- Brian at heaviest, Brian in teens(thin), Group pic of our WW Leader and her 3 prize pupils(Sean,Katerina,Brian). June 26

Katerina's Weight Loss Pictures June 06, 2001

Out-takes of Katerina's photoshoot for FIRST For Women on June 02, 2001

Katerina's newest Weight Loss Pictures w/comparison to first day on Weight Watchers

Our Bellingham, Washington 2001 vacation pictures.(Katerina's hometown)

Brian's Weight Loss Pictures

Come see Brian's big head before Weight Watchers .. Is that Charlie Brown?.. No, can't be, too much hair. Now have an after(or actually during) now too.

'Before' pictures mostly taken in 1999 in Bellingham Washington

New Pictures of Katerina and Brian together - March 11, 2001

Picture of Katerina March 11, 2001 with Comparison shot 1999.

Pictures from the Weight Watchers Super Meeting March 27, 2001.

Pictures of Brian and Katerina at a nearby park. April 2001

More Pictures from the March 27, 2001 Weight Watchers Super Meeting in Louisville Kentucky, when we met Fergie.

Thunder Over Louisville(fireworks)

Katerina's first roller coaster ride, EVER!

More Later...The pics with ** are recent additions.

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