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A Weight Loss Success Story in the Making :

Joe Gagliardi
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Above: Joe's "before" picture

Above: Joe's current picture(June 2001)

Starting Weight : 264.5 pounds
Current Weight : 163.2 pounds
Total Loss : 101.3 pounds
Goal Weight : 145.0 pounds

Here is my story to date..

I started weight watchers on Jan 5th, 2001. The realization that I needed to lose weight actually came from a very good friend whom I consider to be like a father to me. He made me realize that I was young,(36) and I am killing myself slowly. I admit I had never been at the weight I was up to that point. I know the reasons for the weight gain. Several years ago, I was very ill with diverticulitis, and had about 7 surgeries in all, due to complications, etc. Then 3 months after that I had gotten testicular cancer. I was so depressed in spite of being alive, I went through almost 3 years of being sick or in the hospital. I figured well if I gained weight, I would NOT have to take my shirt off and no one would see the many scars I have on my stomach due to the surgeries. It never hit home as I kept gaining weight, and my waist size went from a 40-48, and my shirt size from XL to 3X. Until that night my friend sat me down it all hit "home".

Jan 5th, I signed up, and have never looked back. I slowly began to take my shirt off in the house, and believe me I have a mirror that is a constant reminder of the many struggles with the weight and the scars. I never even walked around my own house without a shirt on. I came to realize that although I do have my scars, and I will probably never feel comfortable without at least a tank top on at the beach, I REFUSE to let my "battle" scars take control of JOE.

It is now June 3rd, 2001, and to date I have lost 81 pounds. My WW goal weight is right on target with the BMI scale of 150. My personal goal weight is 145. I now am back to an XL shirt, and I am in 38 jeans. I am down 10 waist sizes, and it still amazes me. I very strongly want to work for WW as a male leader, and I look forward to it. My personal goal is to be at my goal weight by October which will be my 37th birthday. I have 33.5 more pounds for WW goal,and 38.5 for my own personal goal. I also have decided to move back home to CT after living in Fla yet again for 5 years. I will be relocating back on June 23rd, 2001. I look forward to seeing my old friends again, and my family whom so have not seen me in over a year, so I would hope they will see the difference in me. During my WW journey I also have given up red meat, and chicken, I work out at the YMCA 6x a week, and believe me in January if someone told me that by June 3rd, I would have lost 81 pounds, and been exercising 6x a week, I would have thought they were taking nut pills. :)

This is my story and I will have more to follow as I continue on this AWESOME experience and a new JOE. Maybe someday I will take off my shirt for all the world to see me. But until that time I move onward and forward, and someday hope to meet Sarah the Duchess of York and also to be featured as a Success Story on WW International.

I wish you both continued success in your endeavors.

Joe :)

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