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What kind of exercise have you done to lose your weight?
(this is an actual response to someones question, with their personal information removed)

When I started weight watchers I started walking as my primary exercise. Now, lo these many months later my primary exercise is...well...walking :) When I first began, I couldn't walk that terribly far. I would go walk a loop around my is about 1.3 miles. And I would do one loop in the morning and then again in the evening. Now, I go out after dinner and I walk 4 times around in one fell swoop. It is my time just for 'me' quiet time to reflect on my day and dream about tomorrow. I do not walk at an aerobic pace,I just 'walk'...and enjoy it. It may not build up a lot of muscle (although I have 'killer' WHO CARES! hehe),but it does keep my metabolism elevated and it burns calories. But that is all I do for exercise. However, when I reach my WW goal and get my lifetime, I am going to use my WW money to buy a membership at the "Y"...then I will have another 'goal' to replace losing weight..."Operation-Firm-Up". Until then, I will just keep on a-walking :)

The thing to remember is to make whatever exercise you choose to do...something you LIKE to do. If you are not having some will just quit. And, sorry, when I weighed 290lbs even just the thought of taking an aerobics class was decidedly NOT FUN. So enjoy whatever you do. You don't have to exercise until you are heaving and slobbering uncontrollably to reap any results. Slow and steady is probably much better. Consistency and simplicity, that's the ticket.

Anyway, I hope that helps you and gives you some ideas.

All my best,


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