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Hi everyone! I wanted to say a few words about weight gains and small losses, even when you stay true to the program. It does happen! I know it is discouraging to get on the scale and not have it say what you expect it to say. DO NOT GIVE UP! Katerina going the whole time with no gains along the way, and me only 1 gain so far is NOT the norm. Weight Watchers is a wonderful program, but it can not guarantee a loss every week. In fact, if they were to give a guarantee, it would probably be that you will not have a loss every week. Our bodies are funny things, especially the females body, which is "designed" to retain fat for times of pregnancy. Don't let it get you down and set you up for a fall. Stay on program and you will, in general, lose. If you are not losing, if you are "on program", exercise and all, I believe that eventually you will start losing again. You may have to tweak what you are doing to get the scales moving again. By tweak, I mean you may need to actually eat more points! Or you may not be getting enough exercise, and need to work more into your routine. What ever you do, do not give up. Do you really want to go back to gaining weight? If you stumble, be glad you didn't fall and continue on. If you fall, get up and brush yourself off and continue on. Don't beat yourself up. What good does that do anyone? Just remember your goals and take a step toward them each day. The only way to fail is to give up.


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